I saw a movie and it really had me thinking about love triangles. Actually, that is a common plot point in several romantic comedies. And while I haven’t blatantly been in a situation like that, it’s still easy enough to sympathize with people who are caught up in that.

So, I wrote about it. More specifically, the article is titled Winning A Love Triangle.

When it went live, it didn’t actually receive any traffic for a while. That’s why is stands out to me the fact that its getting some play now. (Let’s say within the last month it has really picked up steam).

September, specifically, has been the best month for that post!

It does cause me to wonder why it’s getting searched for and found. I doubt it’s because of romantic comedies!

When older posts come to life, there are a couple of reasons why. Either,

1. Someone with a larger audience has made a subject a recent topic of conversation (in this case it would mean that there is new content about love triangles that make people want to read deeper into it.)


2. The month of September has seen an increase in love triangle situations and the people who want to win them.

I’m more inclined to lean toward #1, although both 1 & 2 allude to the valuable Evergreen content that most serious content creators value.

What is Evergreen content? Timeless subject matter that will always be relevant and thus, always be searched for. You can even say that the best Evergreen content will appeal to several different groups of people.

For Winning A Love Triangle to be Evergreen, it would have to be a common point of interest that many people can relate to and want to learn more about. I don’t know if that is Evergreen. The particular advice I give in that post leans more toward self-love rather than competing against someone so I’m not absolutely sure that is what people want to hear, even if it is timeless advice.

As it turns out, the most Evergreen content here are the food reviews! Certain editorials also continually gain readership, even if it is more sporadic. If I shared content more, I’m sure that it would be more consistent.

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