Yes, I totally did! Sure I may have been skeptical about Mr. Barefoot ( who made it sound like snake oil) but I had my own totally legit reasons for believing this calcium supplement to be the bees knees :

For one, my spiritual advisor,  Reathella, told me about this 25 years ago! She was the first person to introduce me to the importance of being and eating healthy. Her opinions come only second to my own inner voice 😉

For two, coral calcium comes from the ocean! I love the ocean and I believe in the healing powers of the organisms that grow there. Our bodies are mostly water so it’s not a stretch to see how things that grow in the water can provide compatible nutrients to our bodies!

For three, it comes in a powder form and I have a weird thing where I like to consume powdery things. I think it’s called pica. But I do mix this coral calcium powder with water to consume it.

It’s a little too early to tell how much my son and I really like it but he was receptive to his first taste of it (it’s tasteless!)

I ordered now Coral Calcium from Vitacost. It was about $8 I think. And of course I will keep you posted on how we feel after we consume the entire bottle! I predict it’ll take about a month.

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