7-Eleven has had a brand of coconut water before; it came in a tetra pack. This coconut water came in a can with a very tasty addition:

Coconut pieces! Pulp, specifically. And that’s not all, they’ve added a lot of sugar too.

Too much sugar! I would not have purchased this if I read that there was 81 grams of sugar per can. That is a lot. Granted- there are 2 servings per can but realistically, most people will drink the whole can. Leaving a can open is an unsavory practice when it comes to having a drink to come back to later.

It’s important to note that the tetra pack coconut water doesn’t have sugar added. I believe.

As stated, this has too much sugar. But I did drink it anyway so here’s how it was:

Tasty! Anytime there is mango it will almost always be tasty. So, no surprise there. It wasn’t a big mango flavor, though.

As you can probably tell, no I wouldn’t repurchase this. I wouldn’t buy this for anyone I loved either. I love 7-Eleven the best out of every store and next time I’ll buy one of the other juices in an instant.

Don’t get me wrong tho, it is good! And if you’re fine with that much sugar then go for it! I really liked the pulp that’s included in this!

But 81 grams of sugar per can is just more than I’m comfortable with.

81 grams of sugar is approximately 162% of the recommended daily value of sugar. That’s too damn much especially because of the fact that this sugary coconut water is not the only sugar thing that I consumed today. SMH at me! I really should have read the label before I bought this.

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