This is a soy based jerky with a lot of seasonings!

Me and my son like Primal Jerky.  Well, let me clarify. We like the ones that are based with soy protein.

This one is Texas BBQ flavored and I’ll cut to the chase right now- it has a nice flavor. Primal didn’t hold back with this!

It doesn’t necessarily taste like barbecue to me. It’s more like a sweet and salty mixture. It is very pleasant to the tastebuds to someone like me who really likes salty and sweet snacks.

One thing that is notable is that you should know when to swallow the jerky. If you chew this soy jerky too long, it’s gets to that chewy and flavorless stage that the seitan jerky had.

Other than that, I’m considering making the purchase to get a multi-pack so that we always have some in hand. They’d be a nice addition to my purse because I like to always have a snack or two on hand.

Primal Texas BBQ soy jerky gets a thumbs up!

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