You have to be open-minded to see a recipe made from banana peels and think, “I want to try that!”

That was me, 1 week ago. Google provided me with a recipe captioned “In case you missed this”. Pulled “pork” made from banana peels? Yeah, I missed that one!

This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard of consuming banana peels. Years ago, someone by the name of Darnell mentioned to me making a banana bread with the entire banana.

But this, I felt compelled to try for these reasons:

  • Eliminating food waste
  • Banana peels are a unique yet easily accessible ingredient
  • The recipe was SUPER EASY

Here is the recipe that I used (For the most part).

I watched two YouTube videos of this being made and in both videos, the tasters were told what the ingredient was AFTER they already ate it. So, I did that with my family, too!

Perhaps it wasn’t a complete surprise because I told my son about the recipe when I found out about it. But, he didn’t remember.

I said, “It’s a mystery veggie meat!” And he said ooooh!


So he ate it, along with two others. No one guessed what was in it and when I told them, they were like “what?!”

The consensus at the dinner table was this: they couldn’t tell it was made from banana peel and, they liked it!

I did too! I wanted more! I used 6 banana peels.

Who knew eating banana peels is so tasty!

So let me tell you some thoughts I came across as I prepared this dish:

  • The bananas were more ripe then the recipe recommended and that was okay.
  • 6 bananas are not enough for 4 servings.
  • Banana peels hold seasonings really well.
  • My phone battery died when it was time to season it so I didn’t use the recipe. The spices I used were smoked paprika, regular paprika, onion powder, and pink salt.
  • Sauteed onions ago really well with the mix.

Lastly, it doesn’t taste like bananas. The texture cooks well, thanks to the water/steam action. A few squirts of sweet BBQ sauce brings it together without overpowering the dish.

I absolutely recommend everyone try this! It’s really unique, easy, and even cool.

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