This dentist wrote over 750 prescriptions and gave free dental work to poor people so that they could help him fill prescriptions.

He used opiates and also helped his friends get some drugs too. He also had a fellow doctor friend and they would write prescriptions to each other.

You can read all about this scheme here.

750 prescriptions is A LOT of pills!

I can only assume that many drug addicts were created as a result of this situation.

The doctor, a drug user, will have his detox and rehabilitation while incarcerated so if he were to go back on drugs, it wouldn’t happen until he is released in 2028.

Others, though, are addicted and their dealer is in jail now. As far as drugs go, getting a legit prescription from a doctor is an ideal method to obtain drugs. This situation is also inaccessible for a majority of people.

Those who are unable to get more pills will probably try to find other drugs. This is actually a busy gateway highway: being unable to obtain opiate pills leads people to getting into heroin.

If that seems like a stretch, it is not. They are both made of the same things. Heroin is just more pure (generally).

That purity leads to problems, though. It leads to over doses.

The best thing to do is to STOP using drugs. It’s all risky. For so many reasons:

  • If you didn’t make it yourself, you never really know what’s in it.
  • It’s hard to know how to dose chemicals.
  • Addiction ruins lives.

If you can’t get any opiate pills, take this as an opportunity to cleanse your body from the terrible stuff.

If you are going to use heroin anyway, here are some tips to use this poison without dying:

1. Only do it once a day. If the high goes down, just wait a while – it’s like an extended release and the high will come back again without re-dosing. Re-dosing leads to overdosing.

2. Drink a lot of water because heroin will feed on your spinal fluids. You need that for your brain health!

3. A little goes a long way. Don’t cook it to make it more potent. This stuff is poison, never forget that.

4. I’ve been told the white kind is healthier than the brown kind but I can’t confirm that.

5. Throwing up means that you took too much.

Moral of the story: don’t escalate from one drug to another. Life is valuable. As a good friend has once said about drugs:

“If it’s made in a lab, it won’t be had.”

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