You know what I love? When something that I enjoy is on sale 4/$1!

That’s exactly what I found at Walmart today. The Energy Gel Shots by CLIF were on clearance!

Here’s a video that I made today about these tasty things:

I reported how tasty these were in early July when I first tried the Strawberry and the Mocha flavors.

Having not had these in a while, I decided to get a couple of them today. Obviously seeing the incredible sale on these babies inspired me to get more than I originally planned!

Usually sales of this caliber indicate that something is discontinued. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

As a matter of fact, these SHOT Energy Gels seem to be alive and thriving, according to the CLIF website.

A quick scroll on that site shows all sorts of flavors! They look really tasty, especially this one!

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