You may know by now, getting vegan versions of well known foods is an appreciated experience. That goes especially for things like whipped cream and mayonnaise (NOT together lol)

Being in a remote location, it is expected that a person will not be able to try everything that we see on a California Vegans’ Instagram page.

But now, as plant-based diets are more mainstream, plant-based foods are much easier to find.

Seeing this Reddi Wip excited me and my son Legendary Khalifah. He really likes whipped cream. I do too.

I’ll get right to the point: how did almond milk based whipped cream taste?

Well, the texture is the same as you would expect in this form of whipped cream. It was light and fluffy. We ate it atop a banana dessert one night and a moist chocolate cake the next.

It added nice flavor to both!

On its own, though, I do have to say that the almond flavor is prominent. So much so, it made me wonder if it has almond extract added in. If you’ve had a dessert with almond extract, you know that is has a perfumey sweet flavor.

Would I purchase this again? Maybe if I needed a whipped cream for a specific dish. But I don’t see myself craving this as a “must have” sort of grocery item. It’s just not that tasty.

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