It may be easy for one to assume that all fruit cups are the same. But, they are not.

The choice of base fruit aside, the juice part is usually the only other component in fruit cups.

Del Monte has expanded those expectations by including one more part: bubbles.

Incorrectly, I thought these would be fizzy for some reason. They are not.

I’m looking for a way to expand this text into something more thought provoking but I do have to say, sometimes a fruit cup is just a fruit cup.

Even one that had bubbles in it. Inside the bubbles, it is the same fruit juice that surrounds it.

Without the bubbles, I do believe that the experience of eating this would be the the same.

At the risk of sounding like a humbug, I do declare that there is nothing I inherently special about these.

Some things I will recommend other try, even just for the experience. These do not come with that recommendation.

What about the flavor, you may ask.

“Peach Strawberry Lemonade” sounds like it would be very tasty and refreshing.

As it turns out, it tastes sweet. Slightly lemonade-y. There is no Strawberry listed in the ingredients.

I do declare, children will like the novelty of it. My son did. He ate another one immediately. For me, I don’t see myself purchasing these in the near future.

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