7-Eleven has their own brand name snacks and I am here for it! The quality and variety are usually very good and I always find something new to try when I’m looking!

Their line of food and snacks have subdivisions, too. One of those being healthy snack options.

These 7-Eleven GO!Smart chips are easily recognized as a healthy snack. And you know what? They are! The healthy aspects come from the addition of seeds. Seeds hold the DNA information of plants. They are usually packed with vitamins and minerals.

There are like 4 different types of seeds in these and the health benefits don’t stop there. 7-Eleven kicks the whole thing up a notch by sprouting the seeds before making chips with them.

Sprouting is healthy because it helps the body absorb more nutrients from the seeds.

I loved these chips just by reading the package!

But as we all know, all the health benefits in the world don’t benefit us unless we actually like the delivery method.

So, how do these measure up?

Sweet Chili GO! Smart 7-Eleven tortilla chips!

Well, I don’t have any complaints about these babies except for the fact that they are not very sweet. But they have a very balanced flavor nonetheless.

I’ll definitely be buying these again, keeping my eye out for other flavors as well!

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