For every pie that is eaten and enjoyed, there is probably someone who likes the crust more than the filling.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Pie crusts have its merits that are found in the variety and also in the flaky deliciousness of pastry.

Graham cracker crusts are pretty universal and the formula can often be duplicated with other cookies, too.

As we can see, someone had the inspiration to use nuts as a pie crust base. Not surprisingly, Diamond brand is the culprit- they are known for their nuts.

Diamond pecan pie crust. Also comes in walnut.

As I was in the grocery store, I had the last minute idea to make a cheesecake. A vegan cheesecake, to be exact. So, I needed a crust for it.

Right there next to the Graham cracker crusts, I found this one. It was about $3.50.

On the package it says “sweet or savory”. I should have known that this wouldn’t be a sweet crust from that statement alone.

That being said, we can get right into how it tasted.

Well, it was a nice part of the cheesecake. It wasn’t crispy like a cookie pie crust would be. But still, it added a nice hefty feeling to the cheesecake.

However, if someone were to eat this pie crust without knowing it is majorly made with pecans, some people may not notice. Maybe the flavor of the cheesecake was stronger than the pecan flavor crust (pecans is the first ingredient).

Maybe the pecan flavor would be more noticable in a savory pie.

All I really know is that this one is not an equal exchange for a graham cracker crust. I dare say, they both have their place in the kitchen.

I would try this again. Well, I’d get the walnut pie crust next time I make something like a quiche.

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