This is perhaps the least surprising product roll out of all time!

Coconut oil and other coconut products rose to popularity in the last 10-15 years or so.

Vita Coco is the leader in coconut waters. When you consider what it takes to get coconut water from the fruit, it’s clear to see that there would be a lot of coconut left over after the water is gone.

I find it hard to believe that Vita Coco is just now getting into the coconut oil game. More than likely, I am realizing only now because my local grocery store is late to the game.

Either way you crack it, Vita Coco now serves us coconut oil. They gain instant credibility from the reputation they’ve already built.

Vita Coco coconut oil is high quality stuff!

And, I’m happy to say, they are good with it too. The coconut oil they offer to us is high quality. Unrefined like we like for it to be. It has a faint coconutty taste to it that let’s me know that it’s not BS in a jar.

I’m trying to supply my family with more vitamins in our meals and this Vita Coco coconut oil makes it easier to do that.

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