I saw the Matt Damon movie The Martian recently and I learned something extremely important in the story – Patience.

This movie is about a man who was alone on the planet Mars. It’s fiction but there are elements of realism.

Mostly, the fact that travelling great distances in space take a lot of time.

Matt Damon’s character was stuck on Mars and it was going to take almost 2 years to go and get him.

Now, think about it. Two. Years. Travelling in One. Direction.

When it comes to plans and goals in life, sometimes things take time and dedication to become something tangible and worthwhile.

When that patience is lacking, the plans and goals will never be seen through to a complete vision.

This movie shows how we can persevere in the face of long term goals.

When the spaceship decides to go back to Mars, it’s an important decision that they can’t go back on.

More importantly, Matt Damon’s character, Mark, has to be patient as the time passes. It is in Mark’s actions that an impatient person can find comfort.

Mark gets through the long wait by having something productive to do every. single. day. that he was on Mars.

Not a day was wasted. He approached his daily work as though his life depended on it.

Hopefully your life is not directly dependent on your goals like that.

But if you’re one of many who feel unfulfilled about some aspect of your life, having a goal to work toward will help.

And if patience is your issue, smaller goals can help to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

For the record, this movie is great! And if I spoiled some parts of it for you, it’s still worth a watch 🙂

Something else great about this movie: it introduced me to the awesome song Starman by David Bowie!

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