Easy Light Sources F.A.Q

If you’re a new visitor to this website, welcome! Here are some questions that I frequently receive about Easy Light Sources:

1. What is the goal of EasyLightSources.org?

You, me, and many others like to feel positive energy as much as we can. There are many sources of that energy in our lives. I believe that sharing our personal Easy Light Sources with others can bring joy into our own lives as well.

Vegan snacks are a primary topic on this website because healthy foods are an Easy Light Source (and because I love food!) When we eat better, we feel better.

2. Does this site make any money?

While I do not have adsense engaged on this platform, I do make money by selling earrings and eBooks.

If you want to support Easy Light Sources, you can do so by purchasing this top selling e-Book- Nadirah’s Universal Health Book.

Use Easy20 for 20% off!

3. [Statement] “I don’t want to be a vegan.”

You dont have to be a vegan to be a healthy person. Your health is a reflection of what you do, the thoughts you have, and, of course, what you consume!

Easy Light Sources encourages good health in a number of ways. Not only by eating fruits and vegetables but by finding the light in every situation and sharing our light with others.

Any more questions? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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