This post is about pickled beets. Do you like them?

That’s what I asked myself with every bite: do I like these pickled beets that I am eating?

What makes fresh beets so much better is the flavor! With fresh beets, the flavor comes though so much better.

Canned beets have vinegar in them and I’m not a fan of vinegar based sauces.

The quality of canned beets matter as well. The ones I had were the cheapest kind possible but the ingredients were simple so I was okay with it. On the jar there were even instructions to heat them up but heating up vinegar beets sounds really gross IMO.

The best part? The beautiful color is still uncompromised. They’re so pretty!

Also I was confused about the health aspects of these pickled beets. In fresh beets, they are really rich in iron! Wonderful iron benefits can be found here.

On the nutrition label of the pickled beets, they list 0% iron. Confusing and frustrating; where did the iron go?

So in conclusion, it was a mistake letting my son learn how to start a lighter.

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