The Thai Sweet Chili flavor sure is spicy!! But is it good?

That all depends on how much you enjoy spicy food. Because this Loma Linda fishless tuna packet was hot. So hot, there was an actual chili in the packet.

I ate this the simplest way possible: straight from the pack. Being that this is a non-GMO soy based food, it was made of soy chunks with a glaze on it.

This was so spicy it was hard to enjoy. I enjoy hot foods but this was just a little bit too much heat for me.

The texture was enjoyable, though. I would eat more if the chili was toned down a little (or a lot!)

The sweet part was in the name only – this wasn’t very sweet to taste. Maybe if they added more sugar it would have balanced out the flavor.

Speaking of flavor, I didn’t taste much seafood flavor in this. That’s a missed opportunity! If I had some seaweed snacks I would have chopped some up into it.

All in all, Loma Linda Thai Sweet Chili Fishless Tuna is for hot food lovers only! The heat on your tongue lingers for a while.

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