I am at a bit of a disadvantage in this taste review because I’ve never eaten prime rib before. But! I shared these with a meat eating friend and he said:

“These taste like something at a Barbecue!”

So I guess with him saying that, they must taste like the real thing!

But for me, I can only tell you my experience. And since I don’t know what the real thing tastes like, I will just have to tell you whether or not these taste good or not.

Well I mean, most chips do taste good. They are salty. They have a smoky flavor. The Ridges are delightfully crispy. Of course they would taste good with a dip, too. It would be easy to eat this entire bag at one time.

Not a very surprising review this time, is it?

But it does make me consider meat flavored things. Like this review of chicken flavored cereal.

I heard a quote one time that said that meat eaters don’t even like the taste of meat themselves, that’s why they add plants and herbs to it to make it taste good. (So basically it’s the seasoning that people enjoy more than the meat itself.) And the seasoning is more than likely going to be plant-based and vegan.

Now there is something about the texture to be said. The texture of meat is not the same as fhe texture plants and that’s okay too.

Anyway, I guess I don’t have a lot to say about these chips. I’ll give another shout-out to 7-Eleven, though, of course. (There are never enough shoutouts to 7-Eleven) but I do commend them on bringing some fancy new flavors to their store brand chips.

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