Sweet Potato chips can be wonderfully delicious OR hard and flavorless. Where do these 7-Select Sweet Potato Chips fall on the spectrum?

It may sound a bit contrived when I continue to mention how much I like 7-Eleven. But, they’re my favorite store! Not for any arbitrary reasons, either. The product offerings at 7-Eleven are remarkably not “run of the mill.” When I see what they have to offer, I like what I see.

They cater to the “I like junk food, eat dessert 3 times a day” crowd. And they also cater to the “I want to be vegan without sacrificing taste” crowd too.

When I saw these sweet chili tortilla chips, it was a pretty casual buy. But after I decided that I liked them, I looked forward to trying another variety from them.

I mean, come on. sprouted chips? They can be fairly translated into “healthy chips”. and I’m all for it. I am so over buying my son Dorito’s and Cheeto’s. We needed something else. The fact that these are made by 7-Eleven also ensures that we will likely be able to purchase these babies at any 7-Eleven that we find ourselves at.

I say all that to say, I didn’t hesitate to pick up some of these Sprouted Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.

I’ll cut to the chase: it was love at first bite! They immediately tasted like sweet potato.

The texture though – that’s what really takes these from tasty to yummy. They have a crispy bite and it leads to a smooth finish. Even though these are filled with seeds, they are not “seedy” lol

The salt level was on point as well. As a lover of the sweet and salty flavor profile, these were not lacking any flavor at all.

I shared these with two other people. One was a grown man who also really liked the sweet sweet potato flavor.

The other was my son Legendary. First, he said that he didn’t like them. And then he proceeded to take large 8-year-old handfuls out of my chip bag. Once they were gone, he proclaimed “Can we get some more?”


So, Yes, I recommend these 7-Select GO! Smart Sprouted Sweet Potato chips. Get you some!

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