KeVita Master Brew Kombucha is full of live probiotics and it’s organic and energizing. But, how does it taste?

When I saw a picture of Kombucha on KeVitas Twitter page I was enticed! Cherry is one of the best flavors for juice, candy, pies.. you name it, I’m going for the cherry flavor!

I will skip going over the health benefits of Kombucha in this post (next Kombucha review I do, I gotcha). This one is all about the flavor and energizing part.

First, there are 36 grams of caffeine on this bottle. While this Kombucha beverage lists black and green tea on the ingredient list, green coffee bean extract is listed as the source of caffeine.

There is also only 3% juice in this. Cherry juice! It also has ginger extract and morello cherry flavor (imo, it could have used more morello flavoring… lol)

How does it taste, though?

My son loved it. Of course I shared with him, how could I not? He kept asking for more! We dont drink soda so the sparkling part was extra special.

I enjoyed this Tart Cherry Kombucha as much as he did! Next time I think I’ll have to get 2 because I wanted more too (even though there are two servings per bottle). The only improvement I’d suggest is more cherry flavor! (And possibly more caffeine lol)

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