Just in case you needed a reminder, here are 4 things that it’s best to be prepared for:

1. THIRST – Being dehydrated is an uncomfortable and distracted feeling. To make matters worse, being too thirsty may lead to you having to drink from questionable water sources such as an old bottle of water or someone else’s bottle. Brink your own bottle of water with you. Ideally it’ll be a reusable bottle but something fresh is better than nothing.

2. GROCERY SHOPPING – The old rule is true – don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. The biggest way to over shoot your grocery budget is buy buying stuff that you’d like to eat RIGHT NOW. Being hungry while you’re surrounded by food is also terrible when you’re trying to stay on a health regimen. Think about all the tasty but unhealthy things that you used to eat. Being hungry not only makes your body weak, it also weakens your will power.

3. GOING VEGAN- If you’re ignorant to what being vegan entails, it’s going to be an uphill battle. While it’s not a hard lifestyle to live by, it’s better to have some knowledge about it before dedicating your life to it.

4. NEGATIVE COMMENTS- While our personal goals may be to stay upbeat and positive, sometimes other people don’t share our same values. Other times, someone may be having a bad day. Or, maybe they just don’t like you. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you like yourself and you know what you’re about. Just because people may say bad things to or about us, we dont have to internalize their words. Stay prepared by always thinking positive thoughts about yourself. We may have our individual fallacies but the good qualities within you outweigh the not so good stuff. Remember that!

This is not an all inclusive list; I may add to it later on! Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

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