We’ve been eating more noodles than usual lately. They’re just so fast to prepare, the convenience outweighs the unhealthy parts sometimes.
Eating noodles may not replace a full dinner but they are good to have when you need them. However, they’ll be quick to get redundant, too. Sometimes, you need to kick up the flavor beyond shaking in some garlic powder, dill, and black pepper.

Sweet Chili Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles is bringing us the flavor!

These noodles are vegan and contain real ingredients on the label. That’s the first plus!

Another plus is that they are sweet chili flavor and that’s one of the best flavor combinations ever. But do these live up to the intended flavor?

More sweet or more spicy?

Guess what?!! It’s a nice combination of both! They are mostly sweet with a hint of chili heat.

The flavors here are pretty deep, too. The sauce has a bit of a tangy flavor too. That’s because there is actual lime juice in the ingredients!

The added veggies include slanted cut green beans, carrots, some green onions, too

These cost more than the standard noodles but I do think that it’s worth the extra cost if you’re into it. I mean, it’s Cup Noodles so it’s not expensive.

I added a drizzle of olive oil to it too.

I’d recommend these to anyone who think they’d like them!

One thing I’d critique is… I would appreciate if there were more in the cup. These noodles only fill up the bottom half of the cup. Noodles are already a “light” food so the fact that they have less food in the container means that there is less of a chance to feel fully satisfied from just one cup.

Anyway, I’m getting more next time I’m at the store 😉

Let me know how you like them if you have had some!

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