The phrase “to each his own” is a damaging viewpoint. Here’s why.

If you’re unfamiliar with that phrase, it means that you’re disregarding others unsavory behavior and letting them continue without interfering in it.

Sometimes, yeah, people can make their own decisions and live however we want. We all have that right because that’s what free will is.

But, certain bad behaviors, left unchecked, can have a ripple effect. It can spread the bad vibes far and wide, leaving an unsavory impression on any who is sensitive to it.

If you love someone and you see them doing something detrimental, don’t let it go on indefinitely. (You don’t have to be a broken record, either.)

An extreme example would be: if you see a young child smoking and you say “to each his own” and turn away without telling the child that smoking is bad.

The title phrase is often said during times that you just don’t want to get involved. Maybe you, personally, don’t want to have an anti-smoking conversation with a child.

That sort of hands-off approach is a big reason why people end up lost and/or find themselves under a pile of bad decisions.

It would be nice to always know the best way to proceed in life but a lot of the time it is impossible to know that. Everyone knows this and still it is assumed that people know what they’re doing.

Out of respect for people’s free will, we often leave people to their own devices. Even when we know it won’t turn out well.

Also worth mentioning is that some people don’t handle suggestions well and they may get frustrated when you tell them something that is not in alignment with what they want to do.

That can cause a rift in relationships.

That’s why, if you really and truly care about someone, you should tell them what you think is best anyway. Hopefully they will also care about you enough to take heed to your advice. Or, at the very least, consider what you’re saying.

But, if you really don’t care how it will turn out then “to each his own” is definitely the phrase for you!

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