With natural sugars, it’s true that you’re getting a healthier way to sweeten your goods! But even the healthiest foods will be unpopularly utilized if the taste doesn’t appeal to you.

Coconut sugar is that type of experience.

Coconut sugar comes with its own flavor. No so much coconutty; more like molasses without the consistency.

When used in a pot of tea, the coconut sugar overpowers the tea flavors. Maybe it wouldn’t be unpleasant in small measurements but, it’s not a strong sweetener. So if you like sweet teas, you’ll have to add more than you would with other sugars.

If you’re thinking about baking with coconut sugar, a good way to do it would be for it to be only 1/3 of the total sweetener ingredients.

An alternate name for coconut sugar could be granulated molasses.

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