A healthy peanut butter cookie with protein! Is it tasty?

Cookies have a reputation of being a fun shaped food that is sweet and satisfying.

What’s even better is when the cookie is BIG, healthy, and delicious.

Lenny and Larry’s COMPLETE Cookie is all of those things and MORE with all of the flavors that they have available such as double chocolate, birthday cake, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and more!

The COMPLETE Cookie is also a filling snack that is easy to share!0 (There are two servings per cookie).

The best thing is to know what you’re getting. This is a soft baked cookie that is thick textured. Have some water nearby ! I am 1,000% sure that warming these cookies up would add even more decadent taste.

Lenny & Larry’s cookies would make a nice snack to have around in emergency snack times. But, I hesitate to keep one in my bag because I’m sure it would turn to crumbs after a while because they break pretty easily.

They are so good, though. I enjoy eating them when I have a sweet tooth. They cost around 3 dollars per cookie which is fair because you’re getting a lot of cookie! Go ahead and pick one up when you’re at the store and you’ll be feeling satisfied in minutes =)

Oh yeah, this peanut butter flavor was tasty but it wasn’t as peanut buttery as I would have liked. Then again I like a lot of peanut butter!

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