It’s like a huge coffee teabag!

Cold brewed coffee is great, as you may agree if you enjoy cold coffee beverages.

The preparation of this drink is basically just combining coffee with water and letting it seep for 6-8 hours.

That’s a long time when you want an impromptu coffee while you’re out.

Luckily cold brew is now popular. Establishments that are proud of their coffee are likely to have this at as option. It’s not all the same though. These drinks can range in flavor depending on who made it and if you’re actually getting cold brewed coffee or just cold coffee.

Making cold brew coffee at home is easy enough. If you enjoy coffee on a regular basis then it’s definitely worth your time to make home. You can even make a big batch and it will last 4-5 days to get you though the week!

Walmart sells these cold brew dry coffees with the rest of their coffee grounds. Inside the box, the coffee bags are sealed in a plastic bag to keep extra fresh.

It’s super fresh! Just opening the plastic pack releases a pure coffee smell it is beautiful/delicious! That smell is how you want every cup to taste!

The cold brew coffee produced is smooth and decadent on many levels. To sweeten it, you can use a simple syrup (natural sugar and water dissolved) or a non-dairy creamer.

It does contain about 3/4 cups per coffee bag I’d say. It depends on how much you drink. The caffeine is potent so you don’t need to double up on your usual cup.

Also worth mentioning: if you ever need a cup of coffee NOW but you dont feel like waiting 6-8 hours, the coffee bags can also be brewed like regular coffee – right in the bag!

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