Can I start something new with my site? (of course I can!)

In addition to the current content (food reviews and snacks), you’ll also see some other interpretative posts join in between. Maybe even metaphysical sometimes..

Song Poems Appreciation!

  • Spiritual truths found in song lyrics.

Music is the easiest way to unify things on this Mother Earth. It can make you feel closer to the people you are in the car with, the people you dance with. Or, it can help you feel closer to yourself when you hear something that really speaks to you.

The more that you understand certain things, the easier it becomes to get and do what we want more in life.

It’s so easy to feel stuck but it’s just as easy to feel unstuck.

The answers and solutions that you need are available, we just need a way to break it down into information that really sticks with us in a meaningful way so that it lasts.

Song lyrics are fun because they are creative and express a full range of experiences…

Song lyric interpretation may not be the most rare content but it can still be creative just the same. Let’s have a CHEERS to having a unique personality 🙂

Rap Genius is used to verify lyrics but I only read them to publish my own They also have interpretations on many of the songs. To keep my perspective as clear as possible, I only read their definitions after I have published my own! Keeps it fresh and fun for me! lol

This is a way to share art that has moved me spiritually.

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