Just going to highlight one small part of this amazing song.

Waterfalls by TLC is a classic song with a sobering effect if you listen to the lyrics. It’s so somber, in fact, that the subject of the first verse and the second verse both pass away! It’s kinda sad!

That part we will be discussing here is in the third verse by Left Eye. Her catchy words are hard to grasp on only one listen. But there is one part that brings the reality of life into the hands of the people. It’s this verse, near the end –

My only bleedin hope is for the folk who can’t cope with such an enduring pain that it keeps em in the pouring rain.

Those “folk” sound like people who have depression. Left Eye still has hope for them.

Being unable to cope with the hurt and pain of life will keep a person in a down, depressed state. In the “pouring rain.” so to speak.

This lyric can be optimistic as it says that it is the inability to cope which keeps them in the rain. If a person is able to find better, healthier coping mechanisms then the rain of their life will go away.

It’s not about outside factors keeping you down and depressed, it’s the processes within your own mind.

And actually, there is another part in this rap verse to highlight –

“And like His promise is true, only my faith can undo,
the many chances I blew to bring my life to anew.”

Here it’s about having faith in God / a higher power and believing that the promises of a better life is true prophecy. As we know, we have to WORK TOWARD the life that we want. As we work, our will power has to be strong in belief that what we are working toward is worth it and will pay off.

Without having that faith in your purpose and goals, many opportunities will pass you by. These could have been opportunities to bring fresh air and circumstances into your life.

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