Could these be a healthy alternative to fruit snacks?

Healthy fruit snacks have the appeal of fruit snacks without the guilt.

In a way, dried fruit like raisins are the original fruit snack. They are fruit and they come in individual servings that make them ideal for snacking.

If you don’t like raisins, I imagine that you probably will not be very excited about this healthy alternative.

As a raisin dis-liker, I only purchased these Sour Raisin Snacks for my son because he likes fruit snacks and he likes raisins sometimes.

These snacks are made from golden raisins and they came in three flavors – watermelon, mixed berry and strawberry. They also have no added sugar and no artificial ingredient. They are whole fruit and they definitely qualify as a healthy snack!

Now, does the taste measure up to the health appeal?

Well, hmm, that is a good question. People who like raisins may like these. My son likes raisins but he didn’t finish his first pack of these unfortunately (they come 7 in a box for $3.50).

I ate the rest of his pack as I type this up.

We got the strawberry flavor. I expected a sour strawberry fruit snack.

It’s not very sour. And, the strawberry flavor is slight.

If there was a blindfold taste test, I imagine that there wouldn’t be any kind of dramatic difference between the two.

I wonder why they didn’t add some citric acid to these raisins? That seems like it would be an easy way to give it a tangy flavor.

Either way, I appreciate what Sun-Maid is doing here with their healthy fruit snacks.

Truth be told, these little packets are the only raisins you’ll catch me eating 😉

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