Dried fruit can be hit or miss. How do these stack up??


I sought out dried fruit specifically because I needed a healthy snack. These Montmorency Cherries definitely fit what I was looking for. They’re like craisins but BETTER. Especially being reduced sugar, that’s even better.

Cherries can be expensive per pound. But these, even at 4oz, have A LOT of Cherries in the bag.

If you like chewy fruit snacks, these are for you!

My only complaint is that they’re not very juicy. But I won’t complain, I will just be mindful not to over eat them.

As an added bonus they also have some calcium, iron, and potassium.

Cherries also have a distinctive flavor that I enjoy. These are tart cherries and the flavor comes through well, too. I’m glad they are reduced sugar, it allows the natural flavors to shine through!

Dried Montmorency Cherries are a GO for me!

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