Guava Lovers, Unite!

Yep this one is for the people who love guava fruit & flavor.

Kombucha is a health drink but that’s not all. It’s also a healthy alternative to soda. With Kombucha, you get the bubbles without the acidity that comes with carbonated beverages.

Kombucha also has more fruity flavors than soda, with real fruit juice. Like this Guava Goddess Kombucha.

Sure, Kombucha may be more sour than sweet sometimes, but that’s where the fruit juice really shines. It brings a lot of balance to the drink. Thick juices like mango juice and guava juice are better for this than apple juices.

The guava juice in this GTS Kombucha is top notch. Its really delicious. I’d even venture to say that this is the best Kombucha I’ve had yet.

The flavor, the consistency, it’s all a win for me.