This is a remix on coconut butter.

If you don’t know what coconut butter is- it’s like creamy coconut flesh. The texture is not grainy at all.

Something else about coconut is that it will change consistency with the change of weather/temperature.

Okay now that we got those two coconut facts out of the way – How does this Premium Vanilla Bean Organic Coconut Spread taste?

It’s tasty but it’s not too sweet. There are only 10 grams of sugar. This can make a satisfying dessert item if your sweet tooth isn’t too strong.

Any healthy or raw dessert item that calls for coconut butter can probably be substituted with this spread.

We ate it right from the jar and with crackers. It’s more pleasant with crackers, I think. Maybe it’s the creamy texture against the crunchy cracker.

I guess this Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Spread REVIEW will need to be to be continued because this item needs more experiences to give a full opinion! I really feel it would be good as a frosting type of thing.

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