This snack review is sponsored by my son, Legendary.

Chili Lime peanut clusters! The package is pretty and exciting. I’m not crazy about nut clusters normally because they are usually hard and unpleasantly crunchy.

And then, late last night, it was suddenly the perfect time to eat some nut clusters… Hunger will do that! I was glad that I had these to snack on.

I intended to eat one or two clusters and then save some for my son to try. But that didn’t happen.

I ate the whole package! (2.5 servings)

These are good. They are not like anything I expected.

The peanut clusters were not too hard at all. And they were more than just peanuts, there was also sunflower seeds in the clusters.

The clusters have a glaze that makes them stick together. It gives it a feeling of a lite candy bar.

While the flavor is good, it doesn’t taste like chili or lime at all! It’s just not spicy or tangy until you get to the very last bite in the bag.