Goin’ ANYWHERE is possible with this inspirational support system of a song.

Some lyrics particularly meaningful in third verse!

Workin’ hard to get my fill
Most of us have to work hard to be able to obtain the resources needed to truly get our entire fill of life. That’s eating the top quality foods you like, participating in the activities that you enjoy, building and creating what you imagine, and of course creating loving and healthy relationships also require an amount of work.

Everybody wants a thrill –
That thrill are those exciting moments that make your heart beat fast when you’re doing something that you enjoy. Makes you FEEL ALIVE.

Payin’ anything to roll the dice, just one more time –
The fact is having a complete FILL OF LIFE is never a completed task. If you have to obtain resources to gain a thrill, then your thrills are limited to what resources you have available to put toward it. PAYING ANYTHING means that you know that the THRILL is damn near priceless. Feeling alive in priceless. You want to feel your fill as many times as you can and always still, just one more time.

Some will win –
Hopefully you’re the winner! Honestly, everyone has at least a few big wins in their life. But not everyone consistently makes the right decisions that enables them to enjoy multiple big wins regularly.

Some will lose –
You can’t win them all. Win-win situations are great but sometimes, someone has to lose. Or get the short end of the stick. Just let it go.

Some were born to sing the blues –
If you are always losing… and then you sit around thinking about losing… then you are the one who was born to sing the blues. That means, you talk more about the hard times. You sit and think about things that make you feel bad. To put it another way – You’re thinking about the wrong things. Don’t be born to sing the blues.

Oh the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on –
These experiences are universal to everyone living the life experience. Shakespeare said “The world is a stage, we are all merely players.” YOU have to realize, yes, you are the center of your universe. YOU are the star of your show. Whether you play in the sidelines or seek the spotlight, your movie is still playing. You can make it interesting or you can make it boring and depressing. Which do you choose?

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