To read the words Party Peanuts sounds like it is going to be a flavorful experience!

How much of a party do these peanuts bring to my mouth?

Well, hold on. The words Party Peanuts also seem like it would be a lot of flavor because when people party, they get the munchies! They want food with FLAVOR.

I expected these peanuts to be covered and heavily coated with crushed black pepper. That is the name of this flavor. It’s not unfair to expect this.

What is unfair is what I got in this package.

MOST of these peanuts are BARE. Where is the black pepper?!

The peanuts that do have some seasoning on them are tasty. Maybe like 1 in 20 peanuts actually have some black pepper on them.

I try to be upbeat in my reviews but seriously, I need to know- WHERE is the seasonings, Hardy’s??

To be REAL party peanuts, they should have poured 1/2 cup of the pepper seasonings into each pack. That would give sufficient seasoning onto each nut AND leave a punch of flavor at the bottom of the pack.

Eating these, I found myself pouring some onto a paper plate and selectively eating only the ones that have visible amounts of black pepper on them. That makes for food waste. That’s a shame because the nuts with actual seasonings do taste good .

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