3 cheers for eggnog season!

Okay when egg nog comes to mind, the traditional drink is thick and creamy, flavored heavily with nutmeg, and indulgent. It’s almost like a snack onto itself, or a dessert.

The traditional kind also has eggs in it. Literal eggs in a drink. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there are tons of vegan eggnogs on the shelf now-a-days.

At my local store, there is only one available right now – this soymilk based nog from Silk.

Silk is known for their non-dairy beverages so it’s no surprise that they are offering a holiday drink, too. What is surprising is the quality of what they are offering.

You know those qualities that I mentioned in the opening of this article? Silk NOG has none of those yummy experiences.

It’s disappointing because I know that Silk can make some delicious drinks. For example, their dark chocolate almond milk is the best chocolate milk ever.

This one is just… soymilk with a hint of nutmeg. The texture is not very thick and not very creamy.

The flavor is like “eggnog LITE.” In the ingredients, it lists “natural flavor” but not nutmeg specifically.

There is a recipe on the carton that they hint at, a creme brulee. I’m willing to give it a try.

But I think I will pass on drinking this straight. It’s just not the holiday experience that I’m looking for. Maybe if I added some rum, I’d feel differently.

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