Keep trying is the name of the game. Not in a dumb way – you will probably have to make some adjustments along the journey to being successful and fulfilled. Getting stuck in one way of doing life can lead to a long road of going the wrong way. BUT if you know you’re not exactly having the results that you’d like, take some power into your decisions and continue to work towards your goals.

Persistence is what you need. It’s a requirement to achievement. If you are extremely lucky and fortunate, everything will work out for you the first time and then you can move on and hopefully have the same results for your next goal. But, that kind of luck doesn’t just fall out of the sky. The truth about luck is that it really comes down to being prepared when the right opportunity arises.

I guess you can look at persistence as staying prepared as you push forward. Because, there’s nothing worse than:

  • The perfect opportunity arising and you’re not ready for it.
  • Giving up right before you break through.

There is a phrase that I once thought to be cliche and pseudo-encouraging. It says:

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

Once I grew up and began personal/entrepreneurial/following my dreams – kind of pursuits, I recognize this as a cold and hard truth.

Trying again, and being persistent at trying to accomplish something, opens the door to all kinds of things. ALL KINDS OF THINGS. One fun thing about life is that surprises can always happen.

Being persistent about the fact that you want to achieve has a lot of benefits.

First, you may actually achieve what you set out to do! Even if it takes some time, if you are consistently persistent then chances are that you will have some kind of results. I mean, there are billions of people on this planet. If you get ten “no’s” you can also get ten “Yes'” It’s a numbers game. The thing here is keeping your spirits high when you get a no.

[To quote Cyndi Lauper – Don’t be discouraged… oh I realize it’s hard to take courage. – Discouragement makes you want to give up, yea? So perseverance can very well be a courageous act. People think of courage as going to slay the dragon and – oh my – you may also be killed while doing so. The dragon can be a metaphor. You being killed? That can just be a result of being overly dramatic about what you’re going through. I think that courage is easy if you really and truly care about what you are doing. If that’s the case, maybe it’s not courage at all. It’s just you doing what you have to do to get the results that you need. But, if it terrifies you and you do it anyway then yes, that’s courage. Good job, You!]

A second benefit to being persistent is that you are guaranteed to learn some new things about what you are aiming to achieve. There is no subject about which you know everything. As you are persistent and try new approaches, you will also find new things that work. Or things that don’t work. Stay open to learning, always. That goes along with being prepared.

As an aside, make sure you are persistent about staying on top of whats new in your chosen industry. The LAST THING you want is to be presented with your golden opportunity and then lose it because you didn’t know what was going on.

Being persistent also ensures that you gain credibility in your field. Not always, though. It’s really about how you come across to other people here. Because other people’s opinions do matter, unfortunately. Not all opinions but sometimes you have to please the less influential people before you get to talk to the most influential people. If you come across as messy, sloppy, unproductive, or lost in your chosen field of sauce – you’re not gonna get the reputation that you like.

To gain credibility, you have to be able to show that you are competent in your arena over a sustained time period. You have to show that you know what’s going on. You also have to show that you can have some new ideas. If you don’t have new ideas of your own, that’s okay. but when new ideas are presented, you do have to be able to show that you can roll with it, help develop it, or at the very least understand where the new idea is coming from.

For those who don’t have any achievements that they’re currently seeking, a good thing to be persistent about is your own well-being.

  • For mental health, be persistent about being optimistic.
  • For physical health, be persistent about making healthy choices.
  • For social health, be persistent about being present to those who matter to you.
  • For business health, be persistent about learning, saving money, and making sound choices.

Lastly, I know that everyone would benefit from being focused on the right things in life. The “right thing” may be different for everyone. What is the same for everyone is that focusing on the wrong things will give you bad results in life. Don’t be that person that lets an entire week go by and you have nothing to show for it. Along those lines, be happy about all of your personal accomplishments. And, don’t let anyone diminish your accomplishments, either.

Don’t go through life lack luster. Remember the quote, “it is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all.”

The second part to that should be, “and then after you fail, KEEP TRYING until you win.”

That’s only possible when you are persistent!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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