I’m getting rid of all anxiety. Interestingly enough, social anxiety has been the easiest to live without. But this American Thanksgiving is bringing up some stress.

As the head cook in my household, any Thanksgiving meal that my family will enjoy will be generated from my own two hands. Although it’s worth noting – my child Legendary is becoming a worthy addition to the kitchen. I enjoy teaching him cooking skills and clean up skills. Not only is he learning how to prepare meals, he is also building endurance to seeing tasks to the end.

The anxiety that I’m feeling about Thanksgiving? It’s coming from the “big meal” of “traditional foods” that are supposed to be enjoyed.

First of all, my family has been vegetarian for as long as I have been alive. We don’t eat turkey or ham. This year we’re probably getting a ToFurky roast although we usually don’t get those because, IMO, they’re not the most tasty. This year we probably will get one though. Why? because I’m aiming to prepare the least effort meal as possible.

I’m at a cross road, honestly – Part of me doesn’t want to cook anything. Another part of me wants to prepare an elaborate meal with fancy foods.

I enjoy fancy foods. I enjoy making fancy desserts. Especially vegan fancy desserts. That’s because I love eating them!

For some reason, though, a big part of me doesn’t give a damn.

If I truly wanted to boycott Thanksgiving, there are several social justice issues with this particular holiday that I could easily jump aboard that would be justified.

Then again, I also have a 79 year old father who is already looking forward to eating stuffing, cranberry sauce, and macaroni and cheese (vegan).

So, it looks like I will be preparing a Thanksgiving meal for us over here.

And I cannot lie, my anxiety does go away when I start cruising the internet for vegan dessert recipes! I love it!

So, instead of thinking about how much I’d rather just sit back and play Call of Duty Mobile (THEY ADDED THE ZOMBIE MODE FINALLY!!) , I will find the joy in preparing delicious foods for the ones that I am thankful for.

And, I’ll stay with that.

And then also, I’ll carry that throughout the entire month of December, to the best of my ability. Let’s make it a memorable season for my son, too. Maybe we’ll even tackle some complicated cookie recipes just for the hell of it.

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