Quick question: do you tend to expect the best to happen – or the worst? I’m guilty of expecting the worst sometimes. For example, my favorite song from The Lion King is Be Prepared. But, since the song is about plotting a double murder, I would wonder – does it reflect on me that I enjoy a song about a murder?

Now, yeah, that’s pretty unreasonable for a number of reasons. One – “What’s your favorite song from The Lion King?” is a question that no one asks me. Two – The Lion King is an award winning movie. Of course I am not the only one who loves this song. And I would never judge another person for loving it so why should I expect that kind of judgment..

Instead, what if I just enjoyed the song? ( I do! Very flamboyantly as a matter of fact, lol)

We always have dual ways that we can view a situation. The good, optimistic view. Or the pessimistic, depressing perspective.

I know what feels better – to be prepared for sensational news. Always. Especially for entrepreneurs like myself, I think that we should always expect that things are going to go our way. Firstly, though, you should stop attempting to control the outcome.

To be frank, stop saying “I need X – Y – Z to happen, exactly the way I want it to,” because then if it doesn’t happen that way then some of the wind will come out of your sails.

Instead, make your plans and goals. Work toward them. Be flexible. And then, be prepared for sensational news. Be prepared for you to get a “yes.” Or, be prepared for people to lean into what you’re doing. Any positive reactions to your creations IS sensational news.

Someone liked your post? That’s sensational news!

The most important part here is the BE PREPARED part.

Imagine if you got a phone call with someone on the other end who has opened the door for you to have everything you’ve asked for.

That is sensational news, right?

Well, you better be prepared for that news.

How do you prepare for sensational news?

It starts with expecting it. Expecting that things are going to go your way. AND THEN living up to that expectation with your thought patterns, work habits, and behavior.

When you expect the best then your mind will be primed for when that time comes.

So, I have a question for you – Are you prepared for sensational news?

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