Talking about being prepared for sensational news brought up some other thoughts you may or may not agree with when it comes to the theatrical masterpiece that is The Lion King. These thoughts and opinions are exasperated by the fact that I recently saw the remake. Anyway, here we are and I’ll try to keep everything in cronological order as it happens in the movie.

  1. The 2019 version looks like a kid playing Lion King with stuffed animals. (no shade)
  2. The Circle of Life is a beautiful song.
  3. Zazu was more likable as cartoon.
  4. Scar looks super, duper rough as a live lion.
  5. The lack of vibrant color in the 2019 version made it lose points.
  6. Mufasa grossly underestimated his brother. It’s like he didn’t really know him at all.
  7. Mufasa definitely kicked the hyena’s asses in the elephant graveyard in 2019.
  8. I can appreciate Scar being so open about how messed up his plan is about killing his brother and nephew. I actually would use the F word there but this is a family friendly website. Anyways, Scar blatantly says “Be Prepared for the murkiest scam.” No one ever says the word scam like it is a good thing, but Scar was definitely upfront about it.
  9. I have a huge appreciation for the scene of pure joy Rafiki felt when he found that Simba was still alive. I think that when we have happy moments, we shouldn’t hesitate to express ourselves.
  10. When Mufasa’s face showed up as Simba’s reflection, I loved the expression on his face. Clearly he wasn’t pleased with what his son was up to.
  11. Simba’s spiritual awakening in the cartoon will make me cry, without fail. It is the most powerful scene and I can’t put any words as to why. You’ve seen it. You know. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.
  12. The 2019 version of the spiritual awakening was DRY! No tears fell from my eyes. No emotional depth. This movie should have listened to cartoon Mufasa : REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!
  13. Because of the fact that most people feel the power of Mufasa’s spirit in that scene, I wonder if maybe most of us can use that kind of stern “talking to” sometimes. Mufasa said, “You are more than what you have become.” Now, a majority of people are not kings of kingdoms but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to live up to your expectations. Not only but especially when you know within yourself that you are cutting corners in doing what it is that you really should be doing in life.
  14. It’s pretty amazing that a warthog could outrun hungry hyenas.
  15. I don’t like the subplot in 2019 where they tried to make it seem like Scar was in love with Sarabi. That’s a no for me. Scar was heartless, he didn’t care about romance in that way. He wanted power. This is a good example of movies adding in a love plotline where it is not necessary.
  16. When the fire was lit under Simba as he hung from the ledge, I took that as a fire literally being lit under Simba’s attitude. He needed that fuel to do what needed to be done. Thankfully Scar underestimated him. Simba may have been a little soft but he was still Mufasa’s son.
  17. It was very satisfying to finally see Simba take his place in the circle of life. Imagine how important one must be – for him to take his place and then everything else falls back into place – all life returned to Pride Rock when Simba returned.

Okay that’s all I’ve got right now. Do you have anything to add?

As an aside, music is a huge component when it comes to emotional moments. When I hear violin in songs and soundtracks, I immediately want to rewind and play it again. And possibly again.

One thought on “Random Thoughts On The Lion King (1994 & 2019)

  1. It’s good to know that you thought the remake wasn’t as good as the original. Yeah, the 2019 version has been getting bashed online. Disney needs to seriously lay off on the remakes. Also, it’s not live action because there are no human characters.

    I used to really enjoy The Lion King when I was a kid, but I can’t lie to you…I HATE this movie as an adult. The Lion King plagiarized several things from the 60s anime series Kimba the White Lion. The thievery didn’t stop there because the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was stolen from the late Solomon Linda’s song “Mbube”. Check out the Netflix Documentary The Lion’s Share about that court case and history of that song. Disney also had the infinite wisdom (I’m being sarcastic) to trademark the phrase “Hakuna Matata”. They must totally respect African cultures…NOT! I couldn’t stand the racist implications of the hyenas and the elephant graveyard situation is hypocritical to the circle of life speech since Mufasa was getting away with genocide by starvation.


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