The smoked black pepper is the flavor I had the pleasure to try. It was all eaten in less than a day. Here’s how I liked it:

Well first, an entire bag is a whole 1500mg of sodium. Yes, I had a headache the next day from all that salt!

You may be wondering, why didn’t your son Legendary help you eat it?

Legendary didn’t really like it.

You may also be wondering why I didn’t use self control and consume the jerky in moderation? Because it was salty goodness and I really like salt. Like, really.

But the name of this flavor of Louisville Vegan Jerky was not “salty goodness” it was Smoked Black Pepper.

I didn’t experience any of that flavor profile. Not at all. No pepper at all.


It was extremely good though, I’m not complaining about the flavor. It was just mis-named.

What I will complain about is the texture. It was definitely not jerky like.

Now granted, the only other jerky I’ve ever had in my life is the Primal vegan jerky. I love them, they’re good. The texture of those is tough and chewy in a satisfying way.

The texture of these are soft and.. tender. Which is good but it’s also not very satisfying. I think that’s why I kept eating them – they were really easy to consume.

Assuming that all of the other flavors have this same texture, I’m hesitant to seek out more of this.

HOWEVER, I’m also curious to see how it would be to cook something with this as an addition for flavor and texture. If I do that, I’ll let you know!

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