1. Naturally Red Foods – They are so beautiful. The rich color from cranberries and beets are unmatched by anything with food coloring! An honorable mention to purple cabbage and red onions. So pretty!

2. Beans – They are extremely versatile and come in enough variety that you could eat a different kind of bean every day for 2 weeks! They are also nutritional power houses! Tofu falls under this category too!

3. Plaintain Chips – A good mix of sweet flavor and savory flavor. Filling, too!

4. Carrots -They are really pretty. Anytime I want to prepare an extra nutritious meal, I add carrots to the menu. They are also very, very affordable.

5. Birthday Cake – There is nothing like a birthday cake. Something about eating cake on a birthday makes it taste extra good. Sprinkles also make it extra celebratory!

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