Welcome to the Planet. You’ve been here for a while and sometimes we take things for granted as a result. In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some things about our Home Planet that I give thanks for!

1. The Colors – Sympathy to the color blind. All of the vibrant colors on this Earth are a wonder to be thankful for. Every where we look, there is life as represented by the colors of the rainbow. Even neutral colors are still colors. Each color also gives off a feeling that you can enjoy by wearing that particular color.

2. The Relationships – Whether your best friend is a person or an animal, it’s the relationships that we have that give us more love and fulfillment.

3. The Food! – Yes! The sheer variety of menu items is a big thing to be thankful for. The Earth provides us with so many foods that cover a wide range of flavors, textures, and nutrients.

4. The Sun – Okay, technically the sum is in Outer Space. But, it is still the source of life for all of us here.

5. The Opportunities – Here on Earth, there are endless opportunities for anything what we want to indulge in. The good stuff and the bad stuff. The sheer amount of opportunities, paired with the number of possible outcomes, require us to be careful about what we indulge in.

I love our Planet ❤

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