Caring too much is exhausting. Cut it out.

J.F.M stands for Jet Fuel Ministry. This content is created to empower you to let go of the heavy parts of life and TAKE OFF into new, more exciting, times.

What do I mean when I say only care about SIX things? Well, caring about stuff takes a lot of energy. When you care about things that are sad and/or involve a lot of people, it’s even more exhausting.

Here on Planet Earth, there is a lot of nouns and verbs that we can care about. Do you want to know how it feels to have the weight on the world on your shoulders? Imagine caring deeply about world hunger, war in third world countries, global warming, the sun exploding, the acidification of our oceans, kids not getting school lunch , teachers being underpaid, homelessness, depression and anxiety, the federal reserve, and, of course, the number of turkeys that were slaughtered this past Thanksgiving.

Sure all those things suck but it’s just Too. Damn. Much.

A brain that thinks about all that on a regular basis is going to short circuit itself QUICKLY.

JET FUEL MINISTRY says stop it!

I cant tell you what to care about but I can help you narrow it down.

You can be a balanced and productive individual by only caring about 6 nouns.

Number 1 should be YOURSELF. Care about your well-being and self-care above all else. You are no good to this Earth if you’re falling apart.

Number 2 is about your loved ones. Care about them. Love them. Check on them. All of them who you love.

Number 3 is about your immediate community. Stay in touch with what is happening around you. This is about your safety, too.

Now Number 4,5, & 6 are up to you. One of these can be about your philanthropy. The God in you, the angel in you. This is where you can care about the starving children.

And, you know, dont feel bad if you dont give a damn about world hunger. If the people that you love and care about are not starving then you have no obligation to feel bad about it.

It’s annoying to see people try to force others to care about certain things. If it’s not in you, it’s not in you. Let it be.

Another thing too, if you dont have philanthropy in you, that’s fine too. You can care about stocks and bonds and bitcoin.

The entire point is, stop caring about things that have no meaning to you personally.

And also, how about stop having meaningless arguments. If you have not seen it with your own two eyes then don’t fight to the death about it.

Anyway, hopefully this makes sense! I am about 2 weeks behind on feeling well-rested so any rearranging this content needs will have to happen tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!