This was originally going to be a “Dear Santa” letter but since I’m not asking for anything (and I am an adult), I decided to share some things I’d say to Jesus Christ if He were in this room beside me.

Hi Jesus,

I never could have imagined that I’d be writing a letter to you. Why? Because I grew up in a household that did not recognize you as our lord and savior.

My family did not denounce you, but people who I have been around… for years.. have had things to say about you. Things like:
“Jesus wasn’t real.”
“Jesus was Black.”
“Black people are the real children of Isreal.” (??)

That last one in particular holds no meaning to me. I guess my ignorance of biblical history/stories is showing. But this letter isn’t about what those other people had to say.

As I become increasingly comfortable with the fact that my personal beliefs are pretty different from what I grew up hearing… I feel more free to believe what I see.

So this letter, Jesus, is what I see about you.

Looking at your life story (again, I don’t claim to know it all), I see you as a person who actually had a lot of experiences that millions of people can relate to. Like, how your mom was a single mother and how you worked with your hands.

What I see the most when it comes to Jesus is the fact that you are actually a role model. Of your teachings and behavior, there is a benevolence that is hard to live by for us common-folks.

You have spiritual depths that many people can’t even comprehend.

That’s why people who say that they follow you, still continue to gossip and give bad vibrations to others.

In actuality, you may have less true followers than is assumed. Because Christianity is the largest religion in the world, the social climate of the world does not reflect your teachings.

But then again, you never called yourself a Christian anyway.

REGARDLESS, the more I learn about you and your life, the more I like you, Jesus. I relate to you! It’s a beautiful thing to relate to someone who you also consider to be a role model.

As I mentioned, I didn’t grow up in the church so in some ways that allows me to have fresh eyes to your mythical fame.

And Christmas is coming up. No, it’s not your true birthday but it symbolizes that anyway. It’s also the winter solstice. This time of the year supposedly brings out the best in people. I think you’d approve of people being on their best behavior. But I don’t think you’d approve of the commercialization and consumption that is integrated into “the reason for the season”.

Either way, I’m glad that I am free of the pre-conceived notions that those around me have about you. I AM FREE because I am free to love and appreciate you however I feel in my heart.

I do believe that your energy is the strongest on this Earth. The people who love you and the people who have hated you, energy is no good or bad and that’s why your presence is so strong, still. People continue to think about you and talk about you every single day of the year.

Further more, you are also here for everyone who wants you. Anyone who needs you, they can call on you.

What makes people jaded is that you cannot physically come to people who need a hug from you. Us humans have to find comfort with your spirit/energy without having the physical representation of you.

I’d argue, though, that any genuinely good friend that we have has the potential to be a physical representation of you.

Really, though, people who denounce you as good person/good influence.. those people seem pretty weak to me now.

I’m not suggesting that anyone worship you. You didn’t even want that, as far as I know.

But, I’m just saying that anyone who doesn’t agree that you had good intentions for the people here on Earth are just super jaded. And that’s okay. Some of my friend’s still may not agree and that’s okay.

That brings us to the argument that says that you were not real. Even if your life is a fiction story, it’s still a story about someone who spread some loving messages and who was hated for it.

Everyone should be able to relate to being loved and hated. The inspiring part here, for me, is that people hated you and it didn’t stop your flow at all. You still spread your word.

One gripe I have with you, Jesus, is that you forgave your enemies and what not. I’m still struggling with that.

The best I can do is to be neutral to the people who dislike me. And that’s partially because my personal philosophy is that humans should be neutral as a primary state. If not neutral, we should be happy and joyous.

Okay I have to sign off now and do other things with my favorite person, my son Legendary.

As a PS, I do want to say that Kanye West’s album, JESUS IS KING, is amazingggggggg. The music he has created, and the honesty in his lyrics, is kind of the road that I skate on as I follow my heart toward you and your teachings. I feel so comforted by his album. I wish it was longer. I wish I could see it in concert.

That’s all, Jesus. Happy birthday (??) and winter solstice!


P.P.S I will never be able to accept the cross as an appropriate symbol for you. You SUFFERED terrible pain on the cross. It’s weird people celebrate the cross as a representation of you.

A better representation for you would be a sun or…..a star 😉

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