Duality, balance, whatever you call it. To some it may seem like you’d need to embrace you good qualities and bad qualities when it comes to being a balanced person. But, opposite is not the same as balance.

We’re going to get to the point:

  • Every person puts off a certain type of energy.
  • In general, energy is not good or bad, it just is. For example, an oven being on is not generating good heat or bad heat – it’s just heat. The heat becomes bad if it burns the house down. The heat is good when it is used to bake yummy brownies.
  • The type of energy that you put off depends on what you are doing.
  • Unfairly, the type of energy people interpret from you can also depend on what kind of gossip they hear about you.

Okay, if we’e building a balanced human personality tree, that is the root and stalk of it.

The branches are our actions.

What is unbalanced is when you do something JUST BECAUSE it makes you look like a “good person.” That is deceptive.

What is balanced is doing good actions just because you want to.

Healthy people on Earth? They don’t want to hurt or harm anyone. Love and peace is balance by itself. You don’t have to also seek to do evil deeds to be a “balanced person.” No. Opposites do not necessarily equal balance.

But, just like an apple tree can drop it’s apples on someone’s head, sometimes when we live our life being peaceful and loving, someone can residually become harmed just because that’s the way life is.

Like, if you are three other people are applying for a job and you are the only one who got hired. THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS SOMETIMES.

True Duality? That’s accepting that good things that happen to you/because of you can also turn out to be a bad thing for someone else.

As stated previously, you have to limit how many things that you care about. Yes, of course, you should care about others but I’d argue that if you receive a blessing then you should celebrate your blessing. Continue to care about other people, of course, but don’t feel bad because something good happens to you. That’s not balanced.

The bottom line is to be neutral. Being neutral in your emotions is automatically duality. That’s just having your energy being natural. That’s also being light-hearted.

Being a light-hearted person is a gift that you give to others through being in control of your energy and/or emotional state.

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