My holiday wish is that I get the energy to make all of these yummy cookies. They sound so delicious, that may be enough reason right there!

No pics in this post, sorry! But here are some non-dairy cookies that sound like one of the ingredients is holiday cheer.

  1. Vegan Lemon Sugar Cookies- at The Spruce Eats
    Oh my, lemon (and other citrus flavors) are so bright and lovely. Especially when it is cold and/or dreary outside, lemon will brighten you up just my scent and taste alone!

2. Almond Butter Snickerdoodles – at Vegan Richa
Snickerdoodles are the cookies that are covered in cinnamon and sugar. If you’re lazy (or like neater cookies) you can skip the extra coating of cinnamon and sugar – just add extra cinnamon to the batter… These appeal to me because of the addition of almond butter. Sounds Yummy!

3. Vegan Chocolate Cookies – at Delicious Everyday
Chocolate cookie dough with dark chocolate chips… sounds like a chocolate lovers dream! These come with salt flakes which make them sound even better IMO. Although the recipe calls for buckwheat flour, I’d probably use regular all purpose.

4. The Best Vegan Sugar Cookies – at Yummy Mummy Kitchen
I really hope these are the best. They use coconut oil and in my experience, coconut oil cookies don’t exactly hold up the best. But they are worth a try.

5. Cherry Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies – at Allergy Awesomeness
I’ve never made thumbprint cookies before but I have had cherry and chocolate flavors before and I hope these are the best ever! They do use canned cherry filling but I’d probably make my own with frozen cherries.

6. Cookie Butter Pinwheel Cookies – at Go Dairy Free
These are more fancy than the rest on the list. But they look so delicious that they’re probably worth it!

Do you have any favorite cookies that you like to make and eat? Let me know below!

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