Music is hard to write a review for because there are infinite parts that a person can like or dislike. That being said, here’s how I feel when I listen to this album.

Well, we all know Kanye West. But here, I’m not going to compare this album to any of his previous works.

What didn’t surprise me about this album is the fact that the beats are really enjoyable to listen to. Like most people, the beats is what makes a song for me – even more than the lyrics in some instances (like Scar Tissue by RHCP)… Sometimes when I play these songs in my head, I’ll just play the instrumentals. If Kanye released the instrumental version of Jesus Is King I’d definitely listen to it.

I love the lyrics, too tho.

What stood out to me on the very first listen was how transparent Kanye is in the lyrics. He’s honest about his journey, his marriage, his relationship with God, his current struggles.. he’s even honest about why his clothing line costs so much.

This album is not for people who believe that you need to reach certain qualifications to be considered a Christian.

No, I’m not the most experienced in the Christian faith. But, I am at a point where I can feel free to express my beliefs in whatever way that they are true and speak to me.

Kanye says in his song, Everything We Need, “Switch your attitude, go and level up yourself – This that different latitude.”

If you’re a judgmental person when it comes to other people’s faith then perhaps you are not as “spiritually connected” as you think. Because being free from judgement is what brings people one step closer to being a truly benevolent being.

Is there anything that I disliked about this album? No. However, there is one song that I don’t play around my son as much. In the song “Hands On” Kanye has some painful lyrics that my son was singing. I had to tell my son that he doesn’t have to identify with those particular lyrics because that is Kanye’s experience – not his.

That being said, We’ve played this album so consistently that Legendary Khalifah and I both know most of the lyrics to all of these songs.

His favorite song is Selah. He listens to it every day when we get ready for school.

My favorite songs are God Is, Everything We Need, Water, and On God. & Use This Gospel.

If I could only play one song for someone, it would be God is. I can listen a million times and, often I have to stop what I’m doing so I can sing along.

This album has become a friend to me, it’s like a gift! I can listen when I’m happy, when I feel lonely, when I feel threatened – it’s like a puzzle piece that fits into my aura. I give thanks in particular for the song Use This Gospel. To me, Kanye gave us this song .. those of us who feel we need a little more protection.. this song is the protection – if you want it to be. He says directly – “Use This Gospel for protection.” And then it has Kenny G at the end.

So in conclusion, Jesus Is King by Kanye West is not long enough. It’s great and I love it. Thanks, Kanye!

Kanye said, “This for who it matter to.”

Well it matters to me and thus – this is for me!

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