Gravity is a good thing for you to have on your side here on Earth. It benefits our body in a lot of ways… The same is for things that weigh down our minds. It’s not all bad.

And hopefully this doesn’t come off as hypocritical given the fact that I am a big advocate for being light-hearted.

Fortunately, you can be a light-hearted person and a grounded person at the same time.

The phrase “weighing you down” comes off as a bad thing – a drag. A buzzkill. You don’t want to be the person weighing down the room.

Being weighed down can be beneficial when it is your morality that is keeping you solid.

There’s no need to dwell on this… I think that if something is on your mind and weighing you down – It should be something that is worth taking up space in your head.

Getting weighed down with pop culture and junk food? That’s a waste of your time.

But, feeling weighed down for pursuing your well-being? That’s worth it.

Without proper weight, you’ll waste time wondering about things that, in actuality, are the wrong things.

… Okay, that’s all you guys, I am sleepy. Hopefully this makes sense! If not, I’ll revise it.. later 😉

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