You know what time of the year it is! Are you the type to get everything ready early, or do you wait until the last minute to wrap your gifts and send cards off?

We wrapped gifts and got Christmas cards together in the same evening – this past Sunday.

My son encouraged me like, “Mom, let’s wrap presents.” You know how wrapping presents is usually done with the receiver is not in the room? that’s not how it was for us lol. My son was on the other side of the room. Luckily, he likes surprises so he faced the other way.

We had just gotten wrapping paper earlier that day. It’s the standard paper, you know… green leaf pattern with holly berries and poinsettia flowers. (The same paper that I’m wrapping every present in!)

Different colored wrapping paper used to be fun to me but then I’d be left with leftover wrapping paper. And then birthday presents will be wrapped in Christmas paper throughout the next year and …. No, it’s better to just use up all the paper at Christmas time. lol

So, while I wrapped my son’s 3 presents, he had a couple of little presents he needed to wrap, too.

Also- this is random but, I have a gift for someone that I haven’t seen in a year and I’m not going to see anytime soon. I don’t know what to do with it. It was free ( I won a raffle and got to pick 3 items) and when I chose it, I was like “wow, this is perfect for [insert their name here].” I didn’t really think about how they would get the gift. So I don’t know what to do with it just yet.

You know how every year there is a picture or two of a huge tree with 100 presents underneath it? I’m trying to think about how many more presents my son needs. I don’t want him to get too wrapped up into the consumerism of this holiday season. Having only a couple of presents is a good way to help children to appreciate what they do get. Giving tons of presents is fun, but I do think that it can diminish the value of some presents when there is just so many of them.

Oooh there is something else that is funny, too. My son wanted some stretchy putty from the store. I told him if I purchased it, I was going to wrap it up like a present and he will have to wait to open it. So, that’s what we did lol

And then, there are other children that I also want to get some gifts for. I don’t have the means to purchase a $20 gift for each of those children but I hope to find some other special things that the children will like that will also add value to their lives. Fuzzy socks are a must! One of the older girls may get a Calgon “take me away” set.

The best gifts are practical and/or usable. The last thing I want is to give someone a gift and they think to themselves “What am I going to do with this?!” LOL Maybe that’s why money is always a good gift. That’s what I would like this year but… I’m actually not expecting anything. I think right now, I have everything that I want. If I really asked for anything, it would be a new car! But, you can’t just go around asking for a car in a typical American family! So I will continue to work toward it.

When the gifts were wrapped up, we placed them under our Holiday Alter that is decorated with red and gold. It’s so pretty to me! It’s celestial almost. Gold is such a classic color. Being that gold is a valuable metal, having it around automatically makes the entire room glow.

And then, I’ve been using the gold Gypsy Spot candles that I used to make and it just makes everything so beautiful. With a fire on the inside, the the gold gives off a warm glow that feeds into the magical feelings of this time of the year! I don’t burn candles non-stop but the candle holder stays out because the gold matches the rest of the theme. It sparkles and shines!

I don’t really make candles anymore but I’ll make some for you if you like:

Golden Glittery Candles

These lovely handmade gold candles glow beautifully and exude peaceful vibrations! The reusable candle holders will last you years and years. This order comes with 2 candles and free shipping!


I’ve been burning apple cinnamon votive candles in my holders and they burn for about 12 hours. The smell fills the whole room and it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling! Hazelnut candles also give a very nice aroma.

Now, let’s talk about the Christmas and holiday cards that are going out! I bought a 12 pack of cards at the beginning of November. The best part? They were on clearance from last year’s Christmas. The bottom line is that I paid 50 cents for the pack of cards! And, they don’t explicitly say Christmas on them, either. They are more like “Season’s Greetings” type of vibration. I prefer them like that because some of my friend’s celebrate the Winter Solstice more than they celebrate Christmas. It’s nice to spread holiday cheer without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

2 of my friends have daughters with birthday’s around this time of the year so I will also include a birthday card with their holiday cards.

I have some flowery Forever stamps already so I’m using those instead of getting some Santa stamps lol

My son also signed some cards for his teachers (he taped candy canes to the envelopes too!) The school has a day for the students to give things teachers so he did it a little early but at least he’ll be ready!

Me and Legendary also signed cards to each other, too! We placed them on the display.

It feels good to have some holiday decorations and activities done. In my family growing up, we used to wait until the night before to place presents out. But I have my own traditions now and putting out the gifts early feels good to me.

The gifts add to the decorations!

I do try to stay conscious about how many decorations I purchase. It’s easy to walk into the department of Christmas decorations and want to buy so many. But, I am purging a lot of items from my life and I think that we can do a lot with less things.

Anyway, that’s about it for this Blogmas post! Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays!

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