It seems like “let go” is the most universal advice that you can receive. There are just so many things that you can let go of and often, your life is improved by letting go of it!

The opposite, “holding on”, is choosing to hold on to not only that particular thing but you’re also holding on to how it makes you feel and other emotions.

Lately, I’ve been Letting Go of a lot of things. Mostly, I’m letting go of old traditions that I’ve been taught that do not serve me. The easiest ones to release are the ones that I can look back on and see that it actually never benefited me. Why hold on to something that never brought any joy, happiness, or luck?

For example, Friday the 13th. As the myth goes, bad luck surrounds this day. I used to believe that and because of my belief, I’d have misfortune on that day.

And then I became a super spiritual being (aka I learned about the Earth and the Universe) and I realized that Friday the 13th is a special day and I no longer associated it with bad luck. Side note: Someone I care about was born on a Friday the 13th too and I thought, if this amazing person is born on that day, how can it be bad?

Today is Friday the 13th and I didn’t even realize it until someone mentioned it on Twitter. And then you know what? I had an amazing day. Sure it rained all day but I also got to hang out with a good friend for a couple of hours, I drove a new car, and my son and I hung out with some people we love after school. Not to mention talking with my best friend on a video chat a couple of hours ago. To top it off, I also kicked some ass in Call of Duty Mobile! And then, just now, I got to dance with my son to Jason Mraz singing “I’m Yours” on Sesame Street. (he actually remixed it to say “Go Outdoors” lol

Sure it seems like an ordinary day to some but that’s some great vibes! Nothing bad happened and nothing bad will happen today.

When you don’t feed into what everyone else is doing then you are free to do what you want to do.

It started with letting go of the tradition of having Friday the 13th being a bad luck day. It most certainly is not.

It doesn’t matter how old a tradition is and it doesn’t matter how long you have fed into it. What matters is that TODAY you choose to let go of what you don’t like.

Family can be the hardest stronghold for some. But there is a way to handle your family responsibilities without mentally engaging in their toxic traditions. After all, you have control of your own mind.

Also, traditions can be anything that has been done for a long time. Negative thought patterns is a tradition.

The curse is broken! BREAK FREE!

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